IARU Region 2 Monitoring System

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If you want to report an intruder or if you would like to join the monitoring system in the country where you live, you should contact your national Amateur Radio society. Although not all national societies have an intruder watch or monitoring system, they should still be able to help you in some way, and they will be glad to have your help. You will find information below on how to contact the monitoring system.

If you live in one of these countries in Region 2, please contact the person named:

E-mail: monitoreo@lu4aa.org
Monitoring System Coordinator
Radio Club Argentino

Note: If you are reporting interference in the downlink of an Amateur Satellite, you should also
send your report to the IARU Satellite Coordinator, Hans Blondeel Timmerman PB2T, at pb2t@me.com.

If you live in another country in Region 2:

All other countries in IARU Region 2 Contact the IARU Liaison Officer, or another officer, of your national Amateur Radio society.

Click here for a list of IARU member societies and their principal officers.

If that fails, or if you live outside of Region 2 and have been unable to contact your own national society,
then you should contact the Regional Coordinator in your IARU region:

IARU Region 1
(Europe and Africa)
IARU Region 2
(All the Americas)
IARU Region 3
(Asia and Oceania)
Wolfgang Hadel, DK2OM

IARU Region 1 MS website
Carlos Beviglia, LU1BCE

IARU Region 2 MS website
Titon Dutono, YB3PET

IARU Region 3 MS website