IARU Region 2 Monitoring System

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If you have found what you were looking for on these pages, please let me know. If you did not find what what you were looking for, definitely please let me know. 

Most people seem to regard the creators of Web pages as faceless, anonymous, isolated, and perhaps even uncaring. Well, the truth of the matter is that most authors of Web pages care deeply about how well they have served the visitors to their Web pages. 

If you have suggestions about the contents of these pages, please send me a note explaining your idea. It is possible that I might agree with you and be able to do something about it. And if you have questions about the contents of these pages, it is even more important that you write to me, as I may have left out some vital idea or concept.  What could be more important than that? 

So, send me an email.

Contact the IARUMS Region 2 Coordinator at iarums@iaru-r2.org